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KimsKennel is the world's First professional Teacuppuppy Kennel.



KimsKennel has been in business since 2003.

We have an outstanding reputation in the teacup puppy market.

In fact, we believe we are the best in Korea and the best in the world!

We have partnered with many high quality breeders

throughout Korea so that we may find you the best teacup puppies to fit your needs.


Many years ago, we came to the realization

that there were numerous cases of fraud

with regards to the teacup puppy market in Korea.

Now, those same cases of fraud are occurring

in the foreign teacup puppy market as well.



- Misrepresentation of size

- Misrepresentation of age

- Selling unhealthy puppies



We do not want to be associated with or compared

to these unscrupulous sellers engaging in such deceitful practices.


We approach our customers with true to life images of the puppies

we can provide them with and accurate information

so that customers can make an informed decision for themselves.

We may not look as glamorous as other shops but honesty,

trust and the highest standards of ethics is what we strive for at KimsKennel.


With our direct purchasing system that excludes resellers,

we are able to introduce to you puppies of the highest standard.


Even though we are in the business of selling puppies,

we make it our mission to find you a beautiful and healthy puppy.


If you need any information about puppies not listed

on our website or instagram, please feel free to contact us.





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